I have been in the media a lot lately educating the public on addiction and recovery. When Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose, I was called by Don Lemon to speak about my own heroin addiction and recovery on a show called Heroin: 100 years of Seduction.

A few months later, I testified on a heroin task force in Illinois and observed first hand the complexity of dealing with such a deep-rooted systemic and biological epidemic. I feel powerless over my own addiction and am beginning to feel powerless of the heroin epidemic. The local government will have hearings and discussions and dictate policy that will hopefully assist communities understand the problem and offer solutions; . The law enforcement will continue to incarcerate the drug smugglers. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Its time the recovery community mobilizes, and pulls addiction out of the basements and into the open. I am proud to be in recovery. I feel grateful everyday that I am free from the grips of addictive addiction. Its time we spread the message of hope to others still suffering. We need to stop glamorizing addiction and begin celebrating recovery.

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