A comprehensive assessment is the first tool to try to untangle the problem areas, clearly identify and diagnosis any mental health issues and offer a tangible plan of treatment and recovery.


An intervention is an orchestrated attempt by family and friends to get someone to seek professional help with an addiction or other mental illness.


David Cohen is a nationally recognized speaker in the field of addiction and mental health. Given new technologies and newly emerging drug trends, concerned parties often feel unprepared to properly assess and treat the problem.


Recovery is more than simply abstaining from drugs, alcohol and other compulsive behaviors.
Recovery is about transformation: Achieving balance, confidence, accessing inner wisdom, taking time, and gaining enthusiasm, motivation, focus and purpose.


The term ‘therapy’ can conjure images of what people think of as talk therapy. This is a reasonably accurate depiction, as it often involves meaningful dialogue between professional and client to sort through mental health difficulties, and to create a path to recovery and wellness.

Relapse Prevention

The weeks and months after leaving treatment are a critical time in a client’s recovery. Often faced with triggers, mood swings and being overwhelmed with new and existing challenges could lead to relapse. Support is available.

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