Toolkits and Workshops

Topics designed to educate students, faculty, managers and employees

David Cohen is a nationally recognized speaker in the field of addiction and mental health. Given new technologies and newly emerging drug trends, concerned parties often feel unprepared to properly assess and treat the problem.

Mr. Cohen provides consultation, toolkits and workshops for educators, employers, communities and families to educate on the latest in mental health and addiction trends and resources.

Student Development Workshops

Whether it’s a doctor, quick to treat with medication, easier access to illicit drugs and over-the-counter medications, undiagnosed mental illness or lack of assertive skills, teens face more challenges today than any other time in history. These workshops are catered to the audience and are offered in a fun, engaging and are dynamic and can offer a place to talk honestly about the specific issues at hand.

Corporate Workshops

It is vital that management understand the magnitude of substance abuse and mental illness in the workplace. Employers must be able to effectively manage potential incidents before they occur. Drug and alcohol abuse impacts safety, productivity, and the cost of doing business.

Workshop topics include:

  • How to diagnose addiction with specialized assessment tools
  • The interplay between addiction and other mental illness
  • How to promote healthy strategies to increase social activities for clients
  • How to develop a comprehensive psychosocial treatment plan
  • How to help clients avoid relapse
  • The short and long-term effects of alcohol and drug use on the brain and body
  • Alcohol and drug refusal skills
  • Anger management techniques

Custom presentations available

“I want to thank you for your sharing your time with us, and the lunch was so good! Excellent information on Motivational Interviewing delivered in a sharp and humorous way that kept our staff’s attention.”

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