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Escape the Grip of Addiction

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a painful, debilitating and often isolating disease. It thrives in secrecy. Reaching out for help is key to both the addict and the family.
If you or your loved one’s drug usage has become unmanageable and uncontrollable, reach out for help. No one needs to go through it alone.

There is Hope

Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, can be one of the hardest challenges for a person and family to overcome. It not only means remaining drug and alcohol free, but also requires making many healthy and positive changes in your lifestyle.

Working with an addiction therapist or recovery coach can drastically improve your prospect of sustainable recovery and will aid in preventing relapse.

Learn to identify your triggers, better communicate with your loved ones, set healthier boundaries, and restore damaged relationships with family and friends. Emergency counseling sessions are also available if in crisis or in relapse.

Live a clean, full and productive life…Restore



It is often difficult to determine the best treatment options without knowing the full picture of the current problem, prognosis, resources and motivation for change.

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Recovery Coaching

A customized plan by the client, coach and other members of his or her support team. Clients are empowered to be proactive in their recovery and ultimately gain a higher level of awareness and accountability.

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Individual and/or family therapy can help you deal with negative thoughts, behaviors, symptoms, stresses, goals and past experiences hindering your recovery.

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When an addicted family member or loved one denies that he or she has a problem or does not accept help, a professionally guided intervention by family members and friends is often the right, and only thing left, to do.

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Customized, informative, evidence-based trainings and workshops for treatment centers, health care providers, hospitals or workplace.

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Relapse Prevention

The weeks and months after leaving treatment are a critical time in a client’s recovery. Often faced with triggers, mood swings and being overwhelmed with new and existing challenges could lead to relapse.

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Meet David Cohen LCSW

Therapist, Interventionist, Addiction Coach

I am dedicated to the provision of quality care for individuals, couples, and families suffering from addiction, eating disorders or other mental illness. My approach to healing is holistic and I utilize a multitude of therapeutic techniques to promote lifelong recovery.
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I am committed to helping people, families and communities engage in the process of recovery from addiction and mental illness. I provide a dynamic, collaborative and client centered approach, helping clients feel empowered, gain insight and ultimately gain a higher level of functioning, happiness and health.


Addiction and mental health issues have many faces and do not impact everyone in the same way. There is no “one size fits all” model of care.
I believe in taking a holistic view of wellness and I value individualized and tailored treatment to each client.

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Addiction is a very isolated disease. It thrives in secrecy. Reaching out for help is key to both the addict and the family. If your drug use as become uncontrollable, reach out for help. YOU CANNOT RECOVER ALONE. Use your supports; call your local treatment center...

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Our clients Experience

Mother, Evanston, IL

David understood our son and knew what our family needed. I often felt angry and directed that anger his way, but he was patient and non-judgmental. He was always there, always returned calls and always listened

Family Member, Northbrook, IL

Dave continues providing us with family meetings on a weekly basis. These meetings have really helped us with direction, prioritizing and family temperament.

Family Member, Tinley Park, IL

It’s been about a month and a half since David has provided us with an intervention of a family member. Transition into a rehab facility and into a sober house has been smooth. We couldn’t have done it without him.

Family Member, Seattle, WA

David has been very flexible with his schedule and accommodating to meet with individual family members as needed. David also responds to phone calls and emails within a reasonable time frame.

Family Member, Chicago, IL

I worked with David in responding to the struggles I observed with a family member. David was very thorough in developing an accurate understanding of the situation from all aspects.

Workshop Attendee

I want to thank you for your sharing your time with us, and the lunch was so good! Excellent information on Motivational Interviewing delivered in a sharp and humorous way that kept our staff’s attention.

Mother, Evanston, IL

Last evening, I went back and read my family’s intervention letters, as I do each sober anniversary. None of this would have been remotely possible without the care, grace, fortitude—but mostly the encouragement—that you gave me five years ago on the day of my intervention. Thank you David. What a journey it’s been.


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