Return your life to health and wholeness

Mental Health Services

Individual therapy, couples counseling and family therapy.

I provide a safe, nurturing, and culturally sensitive environment, in order to facilitate a smooth recovery from emotional pain. I value the complexity of each individual and their circumstances and treat every person with respect and dignity. My approach is holistic and I can assist you through the use of empirically based therapeutic techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing and client-centered therapy.

Collaboration can occur with anyone you believe to be of value to your mental health recovery. I work with a wide variety of professionals including, but not limited to psychiatrists, nutritionists, psychologists, clergy and counselors.

Addiction Services

The recovery process from chemical dependency may be one of life’s most difficult but rewarding challenges. Remember that removing the substances or compulsive behaviors from your life is just the beginning. Let me help you achieve sobriety, improve your relationships and establish a healthier way of living. I can assist in determining a treatment course of action that feels right for you and your family.