What is Recovery Coaching?

Comprehensive individualized support for the whole family

Recovery coaching is a multifaceted model of care designed to be tailored to the diverse needs of each family. The relationship with coach and client often improves outcomes by empowering the addicted individual and the family to remain in recovery and to adhere to the continuing care plan provided by the treatment center. Coaching will improve motivation and support in healthy lifestyle changes.

Goals of recovery coaching

  • Promote abstinence and prevent relapse
  • Advise, screen, and support continuing care recommendations
  • Coordination and case management with all continuing care providers
  • Re-integration planning
  • Assist in twelve-step meetings engagement
  • Increase and reinforce involvement in positive behaviors
  • Teach effective communication techniques
  • Help the family to heal and improve communication patterns

What’s Included?

There are several “menu items” to choose from to get the most meaningful coaching experience.

  • Weekly sessions with the addicted individual(s) and family support network
  • Conference calls with all treatment providers
  • Emergency counseling sessions if in crisis or in relapse
  • Travel support
  • Drug Testing
  • Phone & email support
  • Weekly check in calls covering such topics as:
    • Review of recent behaviors
    • Goal setting and assignments for next call
    • Weekly assignments
    • Resources, journaling, and directives
Create a strong foundation with the support of a recovery coach. Each coaching package will be tailored to meet your exact needs.